5 Tips to Prepare for a Home Inspection - as a seller.

One of the things that you should be aware of as a home seller is that most home inspectors will arrive at your home ahead of the scheduled home inspection time. Typically the inspector will come anywhere from a half hour (Flathead Home Inspection policy) to forty-five minutes ahead of time. A home inspector will do this, so they have the opportunity to walk around your home taking time to get eyes on the property before the buyer arrives. This will give the home inspector a leg up on looking professional once the buyer gets there and starts asking questions. It is a common practice in real estate for the seller not to be around while the home inspection is taking place. Here are 5 tips for the seller on how you can make the home inspection easier:

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5 tips to Prepare for your Home Inspection

If you’ve moved out of the house make sure the electricity is on - this is so helpful for agents & buyers.

  • Make sure all light bulbs are working by changing them before the inspection. The inspector will want to be able to view all areas of your home.

  • Clean out your closets of clothes- this will allow the inspector to see inside of them.

  • Be sure your basement is free of clutter so that the walls and floor conditions can be inspected.

  • If there is access to the attic in a closet, make sure it is accessible.

  • Change the filters to your furnace and leave any service tags so the inspector can see them.

Be sure that you don’t try and conceal any defects or potential issues. Transparency is important and let’s face it, your inspector is going to find them.

Preparing for a home inspection is an essential part of your home sell and the Real Estate transaction. Be sure that you follow these 5 tips to prepare, and your transaction will stay on track and be as efficient as possible.

Make Sure Your Real Estate Agent is Present

Home inspections are a necessary hurdle to clear, you should make sure you have your support system present (your agent is your representation and one of the best people to have your back.)

That means your real estate agent should be present to be privy to what defects are discovered.

Never discount the fact that buyers will use what the inspector has discovered as a negotiation tool. You want your agent to be there to see and hear exactly what took place.

Have questions comment below or contact me HERE! I look forward to assisting you with your inspection needs.